Scoliosis the Irregular Curve: How Chiropractic care can help.

Is it an irregular curve in the spine that affects between 3-6% of the population. This condition can affect people at any age, but it most commonly occurs during puberty or after pregnancy. it often goes undiagnosed until adulthood, which is why chiropractic care can be so effective for this condition. Chiropractors are trained to check for this condition and other spinal irregularities, like misalignments or subluxations (the term used when a vertebra slips out of position). Treating these irregularities before they become a serious issue has been shown to prevent further curvature in patients with scoliosis and reduce pain associated with the condition. 

This condition can cause discomfort and even pain in the back, neck, or shoulders. it is often linked with overcompensation of other parts of the body to compensate for an irregularity in one spinal area. Spinal misalignment may also affect ribs on that side, which causes restricted breathing abilities that are common symptoms associated with this condition. it can also cause muscle spasms or pull on organs, which is why chiropractic care may be beneficial to this condition.

Chiropractors are trained in spinal health and have years of experience working with patients who suffer from various spinal irregularities that result in pain, discomfort, misalignment, and even misappropriation of the body. This is a common spinal condition that may be treated with chiropractic care as it focuses on correcting skeletal irregularities and aligning your spine to improve comfort, relieve pain, and allow you to stand tall without discomfort.

If you are suffering from it or other spinal conditions like subluxations or misalignments, Seagate Health, and Wellness chiropractic care, is able to improve your discomfort and pain caused by these conditions.

Scoliosis: What is the science behind it?

It is a disorder of the spine that affects millions of people worldwide. it is a condition that many people are familiar with, but not all of them know how it actually affects the body. The medical community doesn't fully understand what causes it, but chiropractic care is an effective treatment option for many patients. it can result from a spinal misalignment, and chiropractic care is effective at correcting this.

What it really does is, change your spine’s shape and position over time which can lead to serious health problems if untreated or improperly treated. This can be present at birth or acquired through disease, injury, or even muscle imbalances.

Facts you should know about:

  • it occurs most often between the ages of ten and eighteen
  • usually runs in families, so you may be at risk if someone else in your family has had it or if you have any of these other conditions: Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (a connective tissue disorder), Marfan syndrome (a genetic condition), or cerebral palsy
  • is a spinal curve that runs down the back and can cause problems breathing, walking, and sitting up straight
  • is a condition that affects the entire body, not just one part of it cannot be diagnosed with an x-ray alone. A thorough medical history will need to be taken along with additional tests to determine whether you have the condition or another spinal disorder.
  • is a spinal disorder where the spine curves to one side. If left untreated, it can lead to chronic pain and poor posture.

What are the symptoms?

There is a wide variety of symptoms because it depends on how severely the condition affects an individual. Some common signs include

  • back pain and stiffness,
  • curve progression over time (especially if you're standing up),
  • difficulty breathing,
  • digestion problem
  • even neurological symptoms.
  • can also cause headaches that are worse when you're tired or stressed out.

There is no definitive cure for scoliosis, but it's possible to prevent or treat some of its effects with chiropractic care! This condition can be corrected using a variety of treatments including spinal manipulation therapy (SMT), physical therapy, bracing, and even surgery.

Treatment options:

  • Depending on the severity of the curve, treatment options for this can include bracing, surgery, or just regular visits to a chiropractor.
  • If it's not too severe and you're still growing, your doctor may recommend that you wear a brace as treatment. The braces are typically lightweight plastic shells worn over the shoulders and under the clothes with metal bars along the spine.
  • As part of a treatment plan, you may need to visit your doctor or chiropractor regularly for checkups and adjustments. Your doctor will want to monitor the curve's progression over time while making sure it doesn't get worse. If nothing else is working, surgery might be necessary! The surgeries are not common but can include spinal fusion or a spinal rod insertion to help keep the spine in place.

How can chiropractic care benefit you?

Working with your doctor or physician, a specialist here at Seagate Health and Wellness will be able to provide effective treatments for your condition.

  • Chiropractors have been safely providing non-surgical treatment for Spinal irregularities for many years.
  • Chiropractic care is a natural alternative to surgery and can be used in conjunction with other treatments, including bracing or physical therapy. The chiropractors aim to reduce pain and discomfort by realigning the spine using spinal manipulation therapies (SMT). SMTs are performed by a specialist, chiropractor.
  • We can provide the support you need to get your life back on track and make sure you don't develop further health complications down the line. This is serious but it doesn’t have to control or limit your life!
  • The therapist at Seagate Health and Wellness will perform a thorough health history with you to determine the best course of action.

Our goal is always to provide relief for your pain while helping prevent further damage. let us be part of your team in this process. You can trust that our Chiropractor will provide the best treatment for you.

How to avoid the progression of scoliosis?

There are many ways to help avoid the progression of this condition.

  1. The first way is by seeking out chiropractic care, which has been shown in studies as an effective method for dealing with this condition due to its ability to promote health and promote proper spinal alignment through adjustments that relieve pain while strengthening muscles around your spine’s upper back area where you'll find kyphosis - or hunching over--parasites motion caused from poor posture habits like slouching at work desks all day long!
  2. Another way to help prevent it is by maintaining a healthy weight. When you are overweight, your spine has to support more bodyweight which can cause the curve of the spine to worsen. Losing excess pounds through diet and exercise helps take pressure off your back while also strengthening it in order to reduce pain.
  3. A healthy diet is also important for patients because eating the right foods helps keep your body in balance. It can get worse when you consume too much sugar and processed food items that cause inflammation in the body which then leads to a loss of minerals - an imbalance that will exacerbate spinal misalignment, causing back pain and discomfort.
  4. Another way to help prevent it is by avoiding bad posture habits like hunching over your desk at work all day long. It can also be made worse if you spend too much time looking down into a microscope or staring at computer screens, then checking out social media sites on smartphones for hours before bedtime! The best treatment is found through chiropractic care.
  5. If your Spinal curve has progressed or is causing severe pain, surgery may be necessary! Experienced surgeons can provide relief from the discomfort associated with this condition and help improve mobility. Surgery options include spinal fusion or insertion of rods into place to prevent further damage - both are major surgical procedures that require a long recovery time.


If your friends and family members who have this condition can also benefit from chiropractic care - it's never too early or late to maintain proper spinal alignment, which helps prevent curve progression as well as pain and discomfort due to kyphosis!

Our specialist at Seagate Health and Wellness will provide you with the best treatment options available to help manage your condition as it progresses or stabilizes. And plan treatment options that work for your lifestyle to ensure a healthy future.

We are here for you! Contact us today at Tampa: (813) 730-5880 to get started on a customized care plan that works for you - we'll be happy to meet with you for a consultation.

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